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Upcoming Semi Vanilla Minecraft Server!

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created 08/02/2014 9:57 pm by Pock
I am going to open a commercially hosted, Semi-Vanilla minecraft server. This server will run Residences, Essentials and small number of plugins to protect property and guard against cheaters and griefing.

I will not solicit donations, and people will rank up by time spent on server. Ranks will offer various perks, fly, virtual chest, machines, etc.

I am fairly versed in the server-side stuff, but lack the creativity for the building of a spawn area.

I am looking for talented builders that could help develop an efficient spawn area. I understand the importance of a functional, and well designed spawn, unfortunately I don't have the expertise to design it.

Builders will get full credit for work along with staff position.

If interested, please tell me about your past experience and a little about yourself.

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