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Upcoming Server Network | HexMC | Now Hiring!!

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created 02/03/2018 6:01 pm by NickBurnett
last reply 02/13/2018 10:04 pm
About Us
At the moment, it's just me working on HexMC. My plan for the future is to provide the community with an ample amount of unique game-modes, while keeping the old content we love in the mix. I plan to begin the main development in a few days, which is why I'm posting here; to get you guys in on the fun!

Currently, I'm looking for many different types of people to help with this project. The list below is always changing, so keep an eye out in-case you're wanting to do something that's not listed now.
- Staff Helpers
- Community Moderators
- Server Concept Developers
- Server Developers
- Server Administrators

Staff Helpers
The 'Staff Helpers' will be responsible in making sure that any member of staff, including the Administrators, have all the help they need in order to complete their task on time, and in the most efficient way. These guys are the ones you can go to and ask simple questions about us, while leaving busier people alone to complete their current task.

Community Moderators
The 'Community Moderators' will be responsible for handling the community both on and off the Network. Like the 'Staff Helpers', these guys are the ones you can ask your questions to, hang out with, and connect with on Hex.

Server Concept Developers
The 'Server Concept Developers' are the people who handle all the community events, releases, etc. They are in-charge of pitching ideas, creating, handling, and hosting events, as well as a ridiculous amount of other things. These guys will typically work in the background, letting the 'Community Moderators' and 'Staff Helpers' to handle the front-end of the Network.

Server Developers
The 'Server Developers' are the people who create the content. These guys are almost always making a new feature for the community to enjoy, as well as testing them and optimizing them. Like the 'Server Concept Developers', these guys typically work in the background.

Server Administrators
The 'Server Administrators' are the managers; the best of the best. They handle the hiring process, manage 'Community Moderators', 'Staff Helpers', 'Concept Developers', and 'Server Developers'. These guys are the busiest of the bunch, ensuring that projects, events, and various other tasks are on schedule to be released.

Currently, I'm looking for people in all these areas to apply. Like I stated above, position availability may very well change, so stay tuned if you don't find a spot you enjoy. Please apply using this link, and if you have any other questions, please ask them here!!

I look forward to working with those who apply!! I appreciate the support!!
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02/13/2018 10:04 pm
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Update #1
We're still looking for applicants, so be sure to check out the Application and Discord!!
02/07/2018 6:12 pm
Level 1 New Miner
Edit #3

We're still looking for Staff Members!! Apply using the link in the post!! Also, be sure to join our Discord server, in the discussion below!!
02/05/2018 6:04 pm
Level 1 New Miner
Edit #2
We have a Discord now!! Join, ask questions, and chat with us!!
Click HERE!!!
02/04/2018 10:00 am
Level 1 New Miner
Edit #1
I'm still looking for some Administrators to help me out, so if you're interested, please fill out the application form in the post. Thanks!!




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