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Vanilla Server. Looking for players to join community.

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created 10/15/2018 6:17 am by laxanovaaa
Looking for some people to join me in Minecraft 1.13 vanilla Sever.
I have a Spiogt MC sever with minor plugins, nothing crazy though.
I plan to have a community of players who can all work together on building a nice community. You can trade with other players and or work with other players. Please comment down if you wanna join and ill send you the IP.
I do take requests on plugins in the sever if you have any good ideas or know any plugins to make the vanilla server better for us.
Hope to have fun plugins like
Also if interested I wanna make a halloween map for people to download and play. Yes we would be in creative for that. I would just make another world and we can discuss from there.

Again comment below and ill send you the IP. I check very often.
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