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Vanilla SMP server - Click for more information

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created 02/17/2019 2:39 pm by RogueMC-Server
Welcome to RogueMC. This server is a brand new Vanilla SMP server that invites players of all ages to join. The server is currently in 1.13.2 and has very few plugins installed. IP is at the very bottom.

I made this server because I've spent months looking for small vanilla-style survival servers that didn't have 100 people on it and didn't have 100 different ranks. I just wanted a server that was nice and simple, but I had no luck finding anything. Seems now days every server out there is some super fancy server with 100+ players on it. So I decided to make my own.

It's a pretty chill server. Relaxed rules. 2 or 3 player ranks. Nothing too extreme going on. In the future we can look at something fun like quests or different competitions, but that will be a server decision. Everyone on the server will be able to voice their opinion on any changes/additions they would like to see made to the server and the world server will get to decide on it together. I'd like to think of it as a community-run server.

If this seems like something you'd be interested in, hop on the server for a little bit and give it a try. It only takes a couple minutes. Worse case scenario, you don't like it and you leave to find another server. Best case scenario, you love it and you get to meet a bunch of new people on here.

Come check it out:
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