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VariteySkies | New SkyBlock Server | Need Beta Testers |

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created 08/26/2017 7:43 am by ItzzProgress
Hello, I am Progress the Owner/Founder of VariteySkies. VariteySkies is a newly founded SkyBlock server in the making, Me and my staff team are working hard on to get it setup and we have gone really far through out the day. If you want to help us set our server up please contact me on my discord (ItzzProgress#5415). The goal for VariteySkies is for it to reach its full potential as a server. We are willing to maybe give out staff ranks to the people who help us if they build a trust with me and my friend (DISCLAIMER, Everyone Starts as Helper). So if you're willing to help please message me on discord and we will talk about it. Thanks for your time and hope you have a wonderful day

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