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Ventus - Mianite Realms (Looking for staff.)

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created 07/10/2018 10:30 pm by EggsNotBroken
last reply 07/11/2018 4:47 pm

Hello! Let me introduce me and the server I am trying to start up. If you've ever heard of the Mianite series, you'll know that it is full of fun and memorable moments. Me and a lot of others thought we would want to do the same, except it would be public and anyone could join! It's not really an original idea, and there is about to be an official Mianite server, but I thought we could start a small community for people to have fun and relax with. The server is currently still being built, (the spawn, temples, etc.) so there will be no normal players until we sort that out. Instead, we are looking for staff. People like Admins, Moderators, Wizards, Gods, Demigods, and more. This will require a lot of people's help. We've already got the server paid for for the first month, and we hope to get it running by the end of it. There will be micro-transactions, but fear not, it'll just be to keep the server up and paid for.

We are looking for really good builders, role-players, and the like to help us along our journey.

The type of builds you can expect (We built these):

Join our Discord to talk to us and maybe become staff:

Our temporary banner:
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