VKNG Survival |1.16.5| (Raiding) (Custom Enchants) (Economy)

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VKNG started 02/23/2021 9:53 am
Server IP: play.vkng.co.uk
Server website: https://vkng.co.uk/
Minecraft 1.16.4 // 1.16.5
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aims to keep the core simplicity of Minecraft Survival whilst also
adding many new additions and expanding upon the things do and achieve
at the end of the game. Hopefully the features listed below give an idea
on how we aim to accomplish this.

There are new additions onto the base game that intergrate with a vanilla feel such as...
  • Custom item based currency
  • Mythic custom enchanted armor
  • Mythic custom enchanted weapons
  • Mythic Custom enchanted tools
  • Account unlockable particle effect wardrobe
  • Seasonal events with limited time rewards
  • Unique items (food, potions)
  • Traders in spawn
  • Rewarding daily vote system (up to 100 different rewards)
  • Custom loot tables in the wild
  • Large world border
  • Custom fishing system & Scheduled fishing tournaments
  • Scheduled daily PVP events
  • Interesting and rewarding randomized quest system
  • Much more to come

Due to the server allowing griefing and raiding anywhere except around spawn there are minimal rules only including the basics as you would find in most servers aimed to keep it fun for everyone.

These include...

Absolutely no use of hacked clients.
Do not intentionally try lag the server by any means.
Do not use exploits to gain a personal advantage.
Do not grief on or near the protective border of spawn.
Do not advertise other servers.

Take your time to look around spawn and see what the traders have to offer and become familiar with the servers economy and rarities just in case you find some yourself when out exploring. This server is relatively new only starting back in March 2020 but there has been lots of history so far and it is ever expanding. Feel free to join the Discord and use the looking for team section to try group up with players or start alone by joining the IP above (play.vkng.co.uk)
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