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Voluntary Experienced Builder For Hire

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created 05/01/2018 9:05 pm by cameralens
Greetings! I am very board and I want to build again, I have a ton of building experience I know how to used most building plugins and I have built all sorts of things, Maps, Spawns, Giant carrot statue, Towns, Ect. I would love to hop into a big project I can work on.

I am 18 years old, I live in Oregon USA, I have discord (RogueBuilder#2340) I will accept any friend requests.

I am just looking to help some new servers or a build team out, I am experienced. The Build Below is a step by step process of a HUGE spawn I built most of it didn't even render.

Anyways send me a message or reply to the post. I work for free, Unless you want undivided attention for your builds.

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