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Walking Dead MC, Need Builders!

submitted 08/12/2017 4:37 pm by Chris_XP123
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Me, along with a few others are the the process of producing a "Walking Dead" themed server. We have made some progress on the map, by establishing specific areas of The Walking Dead TV Show which appear prominently. We have made great progress on Atlanta, Alexandria Safe-Zone and Woodbury. Dalton, Washington DC, and Savannah are underway. The map is 7000x7000 and the terrain is already preset. If you do not watch The Walking Dead, do not fear, for most of the locations can easily be accessed via Google Maps. Ideally, if you apply, we would like to see modern post-apocalyptic style buildings.

Ultimately when the map is finished, the server will establish aspects of The Walking Dead, ranging from looting, to killing other players with fully functioning weapons. Also, if you help build the map, you will receive a "Builder" tag when the server is release, in recognition of your efforts.

If you have any inquiries regarding how to be accepted as builder, please add me on Discord : Chris_XP#1055

For screenshots of progress, please visit the following Imgur link.
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