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created 12/31/2013 7:24 pm by VibeServers
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Hi, My name is Vech and I am the Founder and Ceo of VerazrNetwork. We have recently went public reaching out so servers in seek of their shot to be part of this network.

We currently have spots for 8 Servers however We have already filled some of them.

Servers Included:

Coming in for our Prison server is - VibePrison
Coming in for our Faction,Pvp,Raiding server is - FlameBattlesPvp
Coming in for our servers we have brought VerazrCreativePlots and VerazrOPFaction,Pvp,Raiding.

However if you own a OP Faction Raiding Pvp,Skywars,OP Prison or another Minigames type server make sure to tell us and we may link you to the hub.

You keep your own domain and or IP you do not have to direct players to us unless you want to. This is a chance for you to gain players specifically. We appreciate your time in reading this post.

If you are interested please do one of the following.
Comment Below
Message me on here
Or add my skype TFeedOG(Most Effective way to get my attention)

We look forward to working with some servers to bring exciting features to thriving players.
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12/31/2013 8:36 pm
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I have a survival Server
12/31/2013 7:28 pm
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Can I just ask about the current statistics of the network?
E.g. Average player counts, income and stuff.

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