WaymakerMC Staff Recruitment - Medieval Fantasy Roleplay 1.16.5

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Hello! WaymakerMC is a Minecraft roleplay server inspired by D&D 5E and TTRPGs. Those behind the project are a team dedicated to creating a unique medieval fantasy roleplay experience for those who enjoy what we’re creating, and even for those who may not yet know about us! We prioritize treating our partners and supporters with care, so we’re looking for staff who can not only display a skillset that their department of choice requires and passion towards the project, but also be someone who can keep their cool in intense or stressful scenarios and always treat others with respect and kindness.

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Staff Departments & Roles

WaymakerMC operates as a team with subsections of niche groups referred to as “departments”. The reason for this is that we have a work environment that is quick-paced, and we like to ensure that every individual on the team has a role that they can play in a group of like-minded individuals who will support them and push them further than their initial personal expectations may be. Despite having six departments with vastly different niches and skillsets, we pride ourselves in the fact that we can work as one united force and utilize our differences to make us a stronger and more efficient team.

Please note that, unless otherwise specified, the minimum age for applicants is 16.

➢ Build

Members of the Build Department are skilled in building in Minecraft, but specifically cater their build design to roleplay immersion purposes for day to day roleplay and event builds. This means that their builds are a complement to the roleplay environment, as dictated by the Event and Lore departments.

➢ PR

Members of the Public Relations (PR) Department are skilled in videography, graphic design, social media management, marketing, and partnership management. Their focus is being active members of the community who care for the community, and are dedicated to growing it.

➢ Event

Members of the Event Department are skilled in crafting interesting and unique storylines to bring players through in roleplay. These are people who can handle intense social situations, are able to plan in advance, and cooperate with their team members in Lore and Build Departments to create intricate adventures for the playerbase to enjoy.

➢ Art

Members of the Art Department are skilled in digital painting, model rendering, or pixel art. Their main functions are to create art for the Wiki in a style that compliments the lore, as well as textures and models for our custom resource pack.

➢ Tech

Members of the Tech Department are skilled in creating and maintaining plugins for our server. They’re also responsible for keeping the server up to date and resolving technical issues so that the overall quality of life for the playerbase and staff team rises. Members in this department must be over the age of 18.

➢ Moderation

Members of the Moderation Department are skilled in settling domestic disputes, maintaining good stress management and the ability to maintain control over difficult situations. Members in this department must be over the age of 18.

➢ Lore

Members of the Lore Department are skilled in writing, worldbuilding, and balancing interactive roleplay systems. Members in this department must be over the age of 18.

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09/15/2020 3:48 pm
Level 11 : Journeyman Network
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We are still actively searching for anybody interested in helping us with this project! We’ve made a considerable amount of progress, and are now in possession of our professionally painted world map! We’re specifically interested in any builders who would be up for helping us bring our lore and vision to life!
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