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XerusCraft is a survival minecraft server with active staff and a small, friendly community, from pvp to base building, to discovering recipes for new foods and drinks, it has something to offer for just about every playstyle. With the mcmmo plugin included the server offers a leveling progression system so as you play, certain skills will become more powerful such as mining which gives miners the chance to get double drops! We also have towny, so you can make your own protected communities! Don't worry if towns arent for you.
Griefing is against the server rules, and can be rollbacked no matter how severe, and chests and doors can be privated by right clicking them with a sign!

XerusCraft started out as a revival of a server from way back in 2012, New Freedonia, but over the years of working on it, it ended up becoming something new entirely.

- Custom mobs can spawn in the night such as the Undead Gladiator, which will awaken its true powers right before it dies, or vampires and werewolves, who spawn when the moon is at its apex!
- We're currently working on a project that adds custom spells (Based off the elements, such as fire, water, earth or air, these are about 85% complete and should be on the server soon) , items, and custom mobs/bosses

Please join Because we would love to see new players add more to our community. So join with your friends and give us a diamond if you like our server at: https://www.planetminecraft.com/server/xeruscraft-3947327/

See you there!
Ps: we are currently playing in 1.13.2, but hopefully we can soon update to 1.14
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