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YggdrasilCraft Building Contest! Extended to Sept 31st!

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created 08/07/2015 8:22 pm by CaptainMcClellan
last reply 11/20/2016 1:52 am

Hello and welcome to YggdrasilCraft, a brand-new server for Minecraft multiplayer. We look forward to your playing and enjoying out server. However. We're not yet ready to let you go on your epic adventure. So while we setup, what I've decided is this: we'll have a contest for players of Minecraft who like to build. You'll have two weeks from the Youtube announcement ( subscribe to my channel here ) to create an epic creation. At the end of two weeks, myself and a closed panel of judges will examine all your works and pick the ones we like best. These will be used and showcased in the spawn area for the main server and the builder will receive a Youtube shout-out with a plug to their channel, if they so wish. ( A Youtube channel is not required for this contest, all that's required is a Minecraft account and an internet connection. )

Please read the rules below. Any violation of these rules will not be tolerated. Mechanisms will be judged separately from constructions. For the purposes of these rules "mechanism" is defined as any component which has multiple states determined by time or a trigger, utilizes mechanisms or utilizes redstone components beyond redstone lamps. This includes redstone lamps which can be turned on or off and includes jukeboxes or note blocks. Just for clarity's sake, any component using the following is a mechanism: hoppers, droppers, dispensers, tripwires, minecarts, redstone comparators, levers, buttons, pressure plates, pistons, sticky pistons, redstone logic, or automated control of liquid flow.

There are three categories here, from which will be picked ten winners each. The top five constructions for each category will be implemented somewhere near the spawn area of the main server, with credit given to the creators. The categories are Solo building, Mechanisms, and Team building. Mechanisms, regardless of whether they were built in a team or alone will be judged in their category. If at any point you allow another player to assist you in anyway you must immediately credit them and mark your plot as a team entry, this includes mechanisms. By entering you agree to abide by the rules above. If for any reason you don't want to be judged for winner or have your construction used in the main server you must mark your plot with a sign saying non entry and construct a soul sand marking pillar. ( A marking pillar is a construction on the edge of your plot that quickly tells moderators and judges important things about your entry. If you've read the rules, you already know what the lapis lazuli and redstone block marking pillars stand for. Click below for examples and what they mean. )

Marking pillars

Instructions for playing:
Follow the rules and regulations above, join the server at the follwing IP:, type "/plotme auto" to automatically get your plot. This is all the building space you'll have to use. It's small, yes, but space is a premium in a spawn zone. Put down signs and marking pillars according to the rules and what category you wish to enter. If you need help, feel the rules are being broken, etc. private message a moderator. ( They are the people with red names. ) Do not ask for resources, the game's already in creative. Multiple entries are fine, but only one will get to be on the winner's list and only one will get to be on the honorable mentions. Please don't claim a ridiculous amount of plots though. Assume we use the default texture pack when you're building.

Step by Step guide with pictures.

At the end of two weeks from the date of the Youtube announcement, the competition will end and the server will go dark for judging. After that the winners and honorable mentions will be featured on my Youtube channel and the top five entries in each category will be implemented in my server. Subscribe for updates on this contest and more!


Feel free to Let's Play this contest, just give a shoutout to me at Soitisisit and spread the word please. Enjoy building, everyone.

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7 replies

11/20/2016 1:52 am
Level 40 : Master Fox
Um so when is it done?
08/29/2015 3:47 am
Level 40 : Master Fox
what is the reward?
08/29/2015 3:46 am
Level 40 : Master Fox
i already made my thingy
when will be announced the winner?
09/01/2015 3:47 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
I've extended the contest to Sept. 31st, the winner will be announced sometime in the first two weeks of October. To answer your other question, Rewards include:
For winning:
-Your creation will be showcased in the spawn city, with your place in your category.
-5000 crowns. ( Server currency of the main server ), 3500 crowns for second place, 2500 for third place, 1000 for any other place in the top ten.
-First place in any category gets a giant woolen effigy of their Minecraft skin at the time of winning in the spawn city.
-Name announced on the front page of the server's website. ( The server's website is not up yet! )
-Free plug of your youtube channel on mine.
-Your creation will be showcased in the winner announcement.
-First pick of land to claim on the main server.

For participating:
-A gold star prefix in front of your name in chat on the main server.
-A free set of golden armor.
-Potential for honorable mention on my
-Your name mentioned in the participants list on the server's website.
-Your settings will be configured first, (hopefully) sparing you from any bugs on the launch of the main server.

For referring someone to this contest:
-A full stack of cookies on the main server.
-Potential early access to the main server.
-My gratitude.

I'm hard at work building and configuring the main server. Please, recruit as many builders to this contest as you can!

I'm going to edit the main post to include this information.
08/08/2015 8:25 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Bump and show casing a demonstration build I made.

08/07/2015 8:31 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Crafter
So the building we have to make is a spawn for your server? And, sorry, I don't understand stuff the first time, but what do we put on the first line of the sign?
08/07/2015 9:30 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
It's to decorate the spawn. And it appears the image links are broken. That's not good... Here, check out the post on this forum: ... msg6430044

The images don't seem to be broken there. Also, you can logon and see the examples for yourself.

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