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IronMan5412/16/15 12:17 pm
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12/19/2015 9:50 am
IGN: IronMan54
Age: 12

Timezone: Central America

Position/Rank APPLYING For: I Would love Mod or Admin

Why Should You Have This Rank:I think i should have this rank because once you get to know me you will tell I am very trustworthy I love to play and I am respectful and kind. I can play most of all day as long as you need me. I love to talk to the community and I know when to ban, mute and Temp-Ban. I am currently not staff on any server so I can be secluded to one server and give it my all to do this right. I can talk a lot on Skype and most the time when i'm on I am available to talk to. GAMING is my life as a teen so far. I am very mature when I am very mature when i need to be other times i like to goof around. I know my limits I'd say i am good at Minecraft and know what to say when to say it.

I like to focus souly on one thing and I like to make new friends and talk to them. I want this server to become very successful. I will give my soul to make this server great i will advertise on different places and get my friends to join. Also last thing my favorite thing to do on Minecraft is have lots of fun and play the GAME right.
How Long Have You Played Minecraft: I have played Minecraft for 3 years that was since 1.5.2 and I think i am pretty skilled at the GAME.

Previous Expererience: I have been a Helper, Mod, Head-Mod, Admin, Head-Admin and Co-Owner I haven't been builder on any SERVERS cause that is not what I do.

Skype: admin.ironman54

I hope you accept this application

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12/19/2015 5:08 am
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Phahaha you think 12 years old is a teenager? Nupe ya wrong ironman 13 is when people legally consider you as a teenager. Get ya facts right young man then come back and write.
12/18/2015 11:36 am
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Razor is correct. Do not make him staff. He just wants staff and hes inactive. All he will do is just ask for op or admin.
12/18/2015 11:20 am
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This guy was never active when my server accepted him. The only time he came on was to ask was he promoted yet. Please reconsider your options. I am trying to help out another server owner/co-owner not have failing staff members.
12/18/2015 1:21 am
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Hi IronMan54,

I represent a small Server Network called JumanjiCraft! We are always looking out for new staff to join us! You would have to work your way up through our ranks, starting from Trainee, then Officer, Mod and Admin. To apply you have to become a member of our site (by doing /register <email> in-game) and then proceed to http://www.jumanjicraft.com/apply to fill out our Application Form! If you decide to take up our offer, it would be a pleasure to have you try out for staff. We are a growing Server Network with a wonderful friendly community, which you are more than welcome to join!
Website: http://www.jumanjicraft.com

Coltensplat, Co-Owner
Planet Minecraft


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