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Zion Network -- Looking for Builders and Devs -- Mods coming soon!!!

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created 10/29/2017 2:26 pm by DaLemonKingMC

The Zion Network is a work-in-progress server that will be home to many fun and unique mini-games never before seen on Minecraft! The theme will be medieval, but we have a great design team designing custom games never before scene for the server!

Our mission is to create a fun environment for everyone to interact and enjoy themselves.

The only issue is... WE NEED STAFF!

We are currently looking for builders and developers. The server is still in the design and building phases so there is no need for moderators and admins.
  • Builders will be expected to handle builds of all scales and designs. You will be given build instructions from the Creative Director, and you will work as a team to complete the builds. There will be a ton of work involved, as we have many games planned.
  • Developers will be expected to manage plugins we need working on the server, as well as creating custom plugins. We have many unique games that will need to be custom coded.

Once the building and development is close to complete and we are close to launching, we will hire mods/admins/youtubers/etc. to help make the server successful and safe for all players.

We are expecting a lot from our staff, so only the most skilled and dedicated staff will be admitted. We are treating this as a business and expect our staff to act accordingly.

So what are some requirements for staff:
    • Active on the server daily, unless you inform management you will be away
    • Stay dedicated to our server. It will be a lot of work.
    • Have an active discord. We communicate through discord, so if you do not have one, MAKE ONE!
      • We do not require you to use voice chat, but it helps when working in groups on a project

  • Work well in groups. The builds especially will need to be made as a team!
  • Be mature and respectful. We treat you how we expect to be treated

Ready to apply? Here is the process to join the Zion Team!
  1. Fill out the application linked here (Google Forms):
  2. Wait for an email informing you if you have been accepted or declined and follow the steps listed.
  3. Complete the on-server testing and/or training to join the team!

Have a question? Leave it in the comments below!

For those waiting to play, we will update the thread and make a new thread when we decide on a launch date!

Thank you, and we hope to see you on Zion soon!

-DaLemonKing, Creative Director
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