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Zippycraft Survival: SMP [1.13-1.14] - Hiring Staff - Trainees, Mods, Admins, & Media Manager - OPEN

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created 05/13/2019 10:36 pm by Cyclops_Kid
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Zippycraft is a newer SMP server that features a lot of awesome plugins that we have not seen on any other SMP server before. The server itself currently has a small playerbase where you can meet other players and get to know everyone. We focus on players being in control of the economy instead of the server shop providing all of your resources.

  • Blocks that you break will go directly into your inventory to prevent item loss.
  • Infernal mobs will spawn randomly around the map and drop special loot.
  • Players can create their own shops to have another way of making an income.
  • You can purchase keys, kits, and ranks to help support the server and receive valuable items.
  • Voting will reward you with a crate key to get some bonus items in-game.
  • We have custom enchantments that enhance the tools and armor that you attach them to.
  • Only 50% of players need to sleep on the server for it to turn into daytime.
  • You're able to teleport with your animals while riding them.
  • Show off your items in chat by typing [item].
  • Having a job on the server will give you another way to make money by doing some of your favorite tasks.
  • Mobs have a chance of dropping their head upon death.
  • The server has a plots world for you to show off your amazing building skills.
  And that just scratches the surface of some of the features on the Zippycraft Minecraft server.

Here are some images from the server:

A build on one of our plots

Spawn for our plots

Sever spawn, A.K.A. The Observatory

Our Harbor and an adjacent house


If you are interested in applying to become a part of our staff team, you may apply by clicking the link down below. But, we do have some requirements before applying for staff.

  • You must have a Minecraft Java account.
  • You must have a Discord account.
  • You must have 6+ hours played on the server.
  • You must have joined the server at least 7 days prior.
  • You must be 13 years or older to apply.

What happens after being approved?

  After being approved for staff, we will ask you to sign our staff agreement document. This is so you understand what our expectations for you are. Not only that but it will also contain information on what you should expect from us and what our responsibilities are. When you send our document back to us after signing it, we will invite you to our staff only Discord server. The staff Discord server is a place to not only discuss the server but also to have some fun.

What happens after being rejected?

  If you have been rejected after sending us your staff application, you may re-apply 14 days after the rejection.

Apply Here:
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