★ZombieCraftNet★ [kitpvp,eggwars,Survival] [1.12.2] Need Players & Staffs

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★ZombieCraftNet★ [kitpvp,Eggwars,Survival]

Ip: ZombieCraftNet.serv.nu


Zombiecraft is a new minecraft server with gamemodes like Kitpvp Eggwars Survival and also weekly giveaways So join now we also have the staff application opened so join our discord server to have more information for apply https://discord.gg

Few Tips To get staff easier:
1- Be active in general chat
2- be active
3- be helpful
4- be respectful

Hope you enjoy on our server and i wish you a lucky day




Ip: ZombieCraftNet.serv.nu
Discord: https://invite.gg
Website: Coming Soon
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05/25/2019 11:43 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Hello, I would like to apply for Admin. I am a good builder, and I will be on pretty often. If I am on vacation, I will not bring my laptop, so I won't be able to build. If family comes over, I won't be able to build. Other times, I will be able to. I think I will be a great 1st Time Staff.


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