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ZunarMC is recruiting ~ Custom coded GTA-like server

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created 01/13/2018 6:11 pm by ZunarNetwork
ZunarMC Network

Howdy, I would first like to introduce myself to this community as I have never posted anything here before.

My name is John and I'm currently Administrator and Lead Developer on the server ZunarMC.

We've never really been a big server and we're currently in the DEVELOPMENT STAGE, therefore we're not looking for anyone with the "moderation" aspect in mind although you could, of course, apply if you feel like that you could contribute to the server after we have released.

Now let's get to the actual server description and recruitment requirements.

ZunarMC is a drug and roleplay based server currently under construction, we are custom coded which means most of work and plugins

are coded by me and our other developer, something that makes us server stand out a little bit more in the crew.

Our gameplay idea is something that could be compared to the currently active Minecraft GTA servers out there, although we don't really mark ourselves as a GTA server.

What we're searching
  • Builders - Building and designing in-game
  • Plugin Developer - Development that consists of mainly Java
  • Web Developer - Development that consists of HTML, CSS, and backend such as PHP
  • Graphics Designer - Designing logos and similar artwork
  • Community Manager - Responsible for forum and similar management
  • Staff Manager - Organizes within the staff team
  • Social Manager - Responsible for social media and similar
  • Moderation - Moderating chat and helping players in-game

Recruitment requirements
  • We currently have NO AGE REQUIREMENTS for PAST RELEASE STAGE, we search based on skill and knowledge.
  • Skype or Discord is needed for communication, although we don't do verbal communication.
  • Building test/development grading is necessary.
  • Flexible and able to work in the team with others.

Applications are done on this form:

Apply here

Thank you for reading,

^-^ ~ John
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