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Dungeons and Dragons themed skin contest!

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created 09/26/2013 4:04 pm by iltkamil
Hi everyone! So if you've been following me recent post about me trying to find a skin that I enjoy then you might or might not be thinking, well.. did he? The answer is... sorta. Someone very kind made a nice skin for me and I am using it currently. But, I would like to see what everyone else might want to come up with.

So I'm a big D&D player, (Dungeons and Dragons) and I am also making a RPG themed world in my server Fourthwind. There will be lots of NPC's and people with themed skins. So now I want to make a contest to see who can make a skin I like, and who's skins will be chosen to be a NPC in my server (Credit will be given).

What I'm looking for a D&D themed skins. For example: A knight, Barbarian, Certain monsters from the game if you want, druids, wizards, devils, etc. Be creative with this. Now I'm not doing this for my own self. I know many other people looking for really cool skins that are medieval/fantasy type skins. Now here are the rules

- Don't post skins that are not yours
- It does not have to be dungeons and dragons themed. It can have medieval and fantasy type stuff like Lord of The Rings
- Looking for DETAILED skins (shades etc.)

I do not have a deadline but I will be checking this daily. So I'll probably give this a week and then I will choose a winner.
For those of you wondering what I like. Go to this forum thread:

You can post there if you want but really I would like them here. Thanks guys and cant wait to see what you all come up with
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