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Help with Shading

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created 04/23/2015 8:59 am by Dragonhart
last reply 04/23/2015 12:49 pm
Can someone give me a link to a tutorial for shading? One that a lot of the popular skins use. Thanks!
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Level 28 : Expert Dragonborn
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2 replies

04/23/2015 12:49 pm
Level 49 : Master Pixel Painter
Try checking out the Official PMC skin guide. There are lots of links to shading tutorials there. And if you really want to get serious about shading you can always check out FinalBossBlues who gives excellent tips on color contrast to help improve shading (sure its pixel art related but I found it helps with skins).
04/23/2015 9:39 am
Level 23 : Expert Network
Shading tutorial? Hmmmmmmmmmm. That's funny, cause I was gonna make one. LOL

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