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PMC Superstar

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created 05/14/2019 3:45 pm by 90s
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Will you be the next superstar?

Planet Minecraft Superstar (PMCS, PMC Superstar), is a contest made by me (90s), and will have 12 contests and 3 other judges. It is made for skinners, so if you apply don’t worry about building massive builds.

How will it work?

There will be 12 contestants and 3 judges. Each contestant will create a skin within a weeks time. Each “episode” will be on the weekends, so if you have schoolwork on the weekdays, then don’t worry! 1-2 contestants will be eliminated each week/“episode”. And no, it will not be recorded, I’d have to make a server and ask people to record and that’s just… hard. As the weeks' progress, the themes will get harder. You CANNOT:

-Steal Skins

-Use skins you’ve already made

-Cause drama

-Start being petty

-Harass other contestants, judges, and viewers.

But you may:

-Remake skins

-Use common sense

-Ask for more time, I’ll happily give you more if you need!

What will some of the challenges be/include?

Some of the challenges will be a song extravaganza (where you’ll pick a song and create a skin off of it), a barnyard rumble!, (where you create a fictional animal) a one-eyed beauty (you create a girl with a Cyclopes eye) and a Harajuku fashion extravaganza!

Contestant Application

So you’ve decided to apply to compete? Here’s the format.

What is your motivation for applying?:

What is your discord?:

Show us your best skin:

Remake the steve skin:

Judge Application

So you want to be a judge? Here’s the format.

What’s your motivation for applying?:

What is your discord?:

Show us your best skin.:

How long have you been on PMC for?:

Remember- this is all for fun! If you want to drop out for any reason its ok! And, it's fine if you don’t like our “critiques”. You don’t always have to take them.

if this flops i never made this
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