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The (un)Official Foot-race Skin Battle!

submitted 09/21/2017 3:01 pm by Alacars
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Presenting: The (un)Official Foot-race Skin Battle!

This is a skin battle! The first one that I'm hosting, and I'd like to do more after this!

So basically there will be eight hand picked players (picked by me), that will compete against each other with a theme. The better you do, the more rounds you will be participating in. You will be competing for a prize and the spot on my featured skins for a week and also a wall post about you winning!



(*Not their PMC name)

The prize:
A pixel art trophy with your character on it that you can put on your profile! (Sadly not in the default trophy section, but still cool). Because it will be personalized, someone may try to steal it, but it's still your character showing you won! So ha, people who steal art and pretend they won it.

How to enter:

Leave a comment on this post (the original one, not the forum post please) saying you are interested along with a link showing what you can do! The entry skin can be something you already made, but ONLY the entry submission.

ex.) Hi! I'm Footprint and I am very interested in joining ect.
Here is my skin that I'd like to use as a submission!

What to do after you

You just have to wait, we need AT LEAST eight contestants, so if you want to speed up the process, share this wall post telling people that if they want to join, comment on the original (this one).

What happens if I'm picked:

If you are selected to participate in this contest, you will receive a PM from me telling you so, along with a link to the blog that this contest will be taking place in! This isn't all just going to be done on wall posts and forums, that's boring.

Here is the bracket that everyone picked will be placed on, just to clear up any confusion.

Questions? Suggestions for improvements? Leave them on the original post and I'll answer them the best I can!

Help us pick themes!
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