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AbyssalCraft needs staff! See how to apply inside.. We need professionalism!

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created 08/27/2017 4:20 pm by Voxsae
last reply 08/27/2017 4:27 pm
Dear PMC,

My name is Joshua. I am the founder of a server named AbyssalCraft which will be releasing beta this sunday!
I am seeking those qualified with apt skills to oversee operations and
players. The following is the rules that I have set for the staff as a

  1. Must be active for at least 16 hours per week (Includes weekends) or 2 hours per day.
  2. Mustgivenotice
    of upcoming inactivity so we do not remove you from the team.. If you
    plan to be inactive for 5-20 days we must be notified to fill in atemporary replacement.

  3. Whilewelove
    members with a sense of humor we also need someone who is willing to
    put dedication into the server. Our past few members have done nothing
    but sit along for the ride and have been removed.

  4. Keep swearing to a minimal around players.

are just a few of the most important rules. Now to tell you about our
beautiful server. AbyssalCraft is a MMORPG themed server, allowing
players to experience true adventure and boss fights. We will be doing
great things soon after beta. Right now we are just looking to get
player feedback on what should be added and what needs tweaked
before going public. We have a streamer with over 100 viewers daily
that will stream the server and provide advertisement. We have a website
and a shop, we have over 90 purchused plugins. Yes thats right, I have bought 90 plugins. My Co-Founder calls me a hoarder of plugins haha.

What are we looking for you ask? Well we need hard working people who can take the following roles:

  1. Builder x10
  2. Moderator x2
  3. Supervisor x1 (Must be 18+ with 3 years in customer service as this is a paid position.)
  4. Developer x2
  5. Configurer (Purchased plugins need to be configured fully, you will help me configure them.)
  6. Social Media Analyst
  7. Advertiser

If you have interests in any of the above jobs please contact me on skype at "Voxsae"
or contact me on discord at "Voxsae#1653"
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08/27/2017 4:27 pm
Level 3 : Apprentice Network
sent discord request

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