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An Harry Potter Server Project

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created 12/06/2017 2:22 pm by Alendon
last reply 12/07/2017 10:03 am
Hello out there

(first sry if my english is not the best, im from Germany)

I'm actually planning about an large Server Project in an Harry Potter Style. I know out there are a few Servers just like im planning, the problem(which i think) is that they all using plugins commands and just an resource pack. So Im planning to create something larger. With Modding, the reason why its just cause there are no borders. Ok i list up now what I'm planning/what i want to do:
  • Mapping:
    • Hogwarts

    • Diagon Alley

    • Hogsmeade

    • and more

  • Modding:
    • Wands, all the Spells and an unique Spell Leveling System

    • Quidditch

    • Brewing

    • All the Mobs

    • Magic Stuff

  • Questing
    • An Main Story like the "classic" one

    • An (for first) little Side Story for each House

    • Side Quests

  • An nice Lesson System
  • Competitions like:
    • Quarterly House Points

    • Quidditch Matches

    • Duelling

    • Races

  • And Hopefully much more

But i cant do this alone, so im asking you all to help me to make an Great RP-Server. I created an Discord Server, so this will be the place to get more Informations, and where we'll work for now. So, if you interested i would be happy to see you

The direct invite code: N4jEtPS (open Discord, and click at the plus at the left bar, then hit the join button and paste in the code)

Have an nice day Alendon

PS: The Server Language will be English/German
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8 replies

12/07/2017 9:11 am
Level 11 Journeyman Skinner
By the way, your English is really good. The only problem is that 'an' only comes before a word that starts with any of the following sounds: A,E,I,O,U (vowel). Otherwise it's just 'a'.

An apple. An elephant
A car. A house

It is also 'an' if a vowel comes after a silent letter.
An honour. - Because it is pronounced as onour.

I wanted to share this because if you can do it, your English will be mostly perfect. Better than many natives type at least.
12/07/2017 10:03 am
Level 1 New Explorer
Ok thanks^^
12/06/2017 8:13 pm
Level 37 Artisan Lego Builder
Can you describe what you would want as the "main story"?

Seems worth at least checking out, though.
12/07/2017 7:43 am
Level 1 New Explorer
An Story like, Harry Ron Hermoine, so as an example the 3 head dog, or the basilisk.
12/07/2017 8:59 am
Level 11 Journeyman Skinner
I can't speak for others but I am seeking my own journey in the Wizarding World, not to replicate Harry's. That is my biggest problem with the official games. Minecraft is the only place where we can become our own wizard.

Even creating unique quests wouldn't solve this though, as then all players are playing the same character in the same story. A problem with all MMORPG's.
12/06/2017 7:50 pm
Level 11 Journeyman Skinner
As much as I have wanted a Harry Potter server that doesn't shy away from mods, everything you've mentioned has already been achieved via plugins on other servers (except for Quidditch which is always said to be 'in development').

To be clear, I am not offering to help develop your server, but as a player of many similar ones I must ask what truly makes yours different. In what way will modding take it to the next level?
12/07/2017 7:47 am
Level 1 New Explorer
Quidditch is one of these things what i miss, at these Servers. And if you use only plugins you have limits, you cant create an new mob, just modify the existings, broomsticks are on many servers very buggy, because its just with an plugin, i know that many things are realizeable with only plugins, but there are borders




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