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Axanthic Game Studios - Recruiting Modders (No MCreator!)

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created 07/29/2018 2:55 pm by Shado47
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Howdy folks!

I am founder and part of a Minecraft modding team called "Axanthic Game Studios" and we are looking to increase our numbers by adding a few new good and experienced modders to the team!
The roots of our team go as far back as 2011 to the german Team Stereocraft; the first modding team I was a member of and also one of the first Minecraft modding teams in general - as well as Team Melanistic which was the follow up of Team Stereocraft and even once the biggest of all Minecraft modding teams, releasing big mods like Eternal Frost, The Legend of Notch, Landscapecraft, BicBiomeCraft, Eternal Frost 2 and more!
Every core member of our team is adult - while we do recognize there are some good young modders, we like to keep things mature with reliable people our age. However if you're not an adult yet, don't let that prevent you from applying if your skills still fit our requirements! ;)

About the project:

Axanthic Game Studios is working on a dimension mod set in ancient greece, with alot of greek mythology (but also our own lore and mythology) mixed in there! Players will be thrussed into a dimension like they've never seen before! It floats like Skylands, but that is pretty much all it has in common with Skylands! There will be dungeons called "Bloodmines", abandoned settlements, ruins of the ancient greek civilization, and flying shipwrecks between the islands!
The lands will be roamed by creatures from greek mythology. From animals like the majestic Aeternae or the buffalo-like Catoblepas to monsters like the eerie Cetus or the vast Forest Hags, all the way to bosses like the mighty Chimera - the skylands are crawling with creatures never seen in Minecraft before but designed to fit the vanilla artstyle to not seem out of place!
Players will go through a progression system featuring surfaces like a Kiln, a Grinder, a Forge, a Kettle for sequence-based brewing, and even more advanced stuff like sacrificial bonfires later on!

Some of the things already implemented:

The general terrain shape: multiple layers of terrain with different
stone types, forming a natural progression the further down you go.
Terrain like this has never been seen before in Minecraft!

7 types of wood, complete with stairs, slabs, saplings, fences, fence gates, leaves, stripped wood variants and even doors and trapdoors (not shown).

Vases to smash. These will be generated as loot inside of structures - smashing them will make them drop their contents. So far there are 10 vase designs (5 cyan, 5 grey) as well as a red player vase made from loam!

In the background on the left: various types of bricks and stone, each with their own slab and stair variants.
On the left side, from left to right: Chalkos Armor, Kassiteros Armor, Orichalcum Armor, Vanadium Steel Scale Armor.
In the center, from left to right: the Forge for ore processing, the Kiln for baking materials, the Grinder for working with minerals and other materials.

If you wish to join, please fill out this application form:

- What should we call you? (name)

- How old are you?

- Do you speak english?

- How much experience do you have with Java and Minecraft Modding?

- Which mods have you worked on / released in the past? (references)

- What is your Discord ID? (so we can contact you if we have further questions or if we're accepting you onto the team)

What we expect from you:

- Dedication and communication. You need to have Discord (if you don't have it, get it anyways), and you need to be able to dedicate to the project. That doesn't mean working on it all the time; this is where the communication part comes in. If you don't have much time for a few days or something, let us know! Don't make us wait for you to show up when you could've just told us that you won't have time.
- Active contribution through coding and pitching ideas and generally taking part in our concept discussions.
- Enthusiasm and motivation to work on this ambitious project. If this turns out as high quality as it should, it will blow most comparable projects out of the water.
- A few hours per week (unless you're on vacation or in a crucial cycle of your studies where you need all your time for that) of available time to contribute one way or another.
- Mature behavior. We treat each others with respect and expect the same from anyone interested in joining.

Would be nice / we'll prefer recruits who have experience with:

- Dimension Coding
- Mob Coding
- Composite Structure Coding
- Liquid Coding

What we offer:

- The chance for you to work with a small team of experienced coders and designers who have 5+ years of experience around Minecraft Modding.
- The chance for you to actively shape the project as you work with us; your ideas matter and if you get into the concept of the mod, you'll be able to contribute ideas that will greatly improve it!
- The chance for you to work on a project that is pretty much like nothing else that has ever been done before in Minecraft. From the terrain, to the setting, to the various features specifically designed to make this mod unique but still immersive.
- The chance to add a great reference to your portfolio; may it be for a real future job application or for joining another team in a few years, its always a great reference to have been part of a team with our background before.
- A friendly working environment using Github and Discord, without much pressure, and where your opinions matter!

Join the team!
We're looking forward to "meeting" you! ;)

ο»ΏAny typos you find in this text you can keep - we don't want them. I blame my keyboard and the fact that I'm not a native english speaker.

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