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Builders and Staff Needed

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created 03/23/2019 1:45 am by CatM0de
Fairly boring post here because I'm not looking for a massive output or anything. You've seen this before - a server in need of people to help it. Yes, this is a volunteer position. Here's what I need:

Helpers for the network. Not too many, just a couple of dedicated people looking to help a server community grow. Important note: you are required to play on the server for a little bit before you can apply! DM me for details!

Builders help out with server projects when they come up. We've got a creative server so if you want to prove your worth that's a perfect place to do it. That isn't required though. What is required is an ability to work with a team, follow instructions, and get things done. Again, DM for details. You can apply using this link here:

Now, here's what the network is like
We have Factions and Creative servers open right now, but the servers aren't what make this place special. It's the community involved. And because of that community, all the helpers need to become a part of that community, a pillar of it in a way. Involve yourself in the activities of the people on the server, and have fun!
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