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ChaosStudiosGames - Looking for staff

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created 09/26/2016 6:56 pm by ChaosStudios
Hi there! My name is Elliot or bctype108 founder of an indie game development studio in need of staff known as ChaosStudios. I am an aspiring, 15 year-old programmer from the UK. Before you start thinking 'He's only 14, why would I join?' I have many years of programming experience and so I know what I am doing. I have many years of experience in GML (GameMaker Language/GameMaker: Studio). I am also extremely mature for my age and I am sure a lot of people would back me up with that.

ChaosStudios currently focuses primarily on creating 2D games but we would always be happy to venture out into the world of 3D games in the future. We have a few ideas for games but need people to fill roles like graphics designer before we can start. We hope to eventually get our games on steam of course but for now we will publish to gamejolt.

So that's about all you need to know about me and the studio. If you have any other questions please either tweet us @chaosstudios_ or e-mail us at So now onto how you can help. As I mentioned we are always welcoming new staff members for a wide variety of different roles. If you wish to join the staff team simply fill out a quick and easy application form here ( One very quick thing I should mention is that at this current time there is no pay, this is more of a hobby than a job. There may be pay in the future when we start making money from our games but at the moment there is not.

Thank you for taking your time to read this and showing an interest in joining.
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