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Command Blocker Needed for Mini-Game

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created 11/02/2016 4:04 pm by hogbits
I started on a mini-game project with some ambitious goals. Too ambitious for someone just starting command blocks for the first time.

I have a good portion of the game created, but really stuck on a few areas that are key to the projects success. I could really use the help of someone with experience to get to the next milestone.

I have given this a lot of thought and did a lot of planning before I even began. So I have a document that outlines many aspects of the game like goals, objectives, conditions, hazards, lobby, scoreboards, pseudo code, style guides, etc. I have also created a sample level for testing, and a large collection of assets for game levels, custom resource pack and models.

With the help of the right individual or small team, I think this could be a great mini game with the potential to raise the bar for other mini game creators.

About the Game
Yet another golf game? Yes, because current golf games kinda suck. Players are allowed to walk around and cheat. Players must keep their own score. Golf on it's own is only so fun.

Add command block player control, automatic score keeping, custom game modes, random events, unique hazards, bonus items, custom models, and a classic game turns into a modern day mini game worthy of youtube and twritch.

About Me
I am a web developer and a user experience designer. I know both code and design. I like to think that has helped me get this project rolling and off to a good start. I am a bit of a perfectionist. I like things to be done well. My UX background has taught me to create with the user in mind. I believe this discipline has lead me to be disatisfied with other golf games, and a desire to create an experience that is truly fun by not cutting corners.

For the full scope of the project, reply with your interest, and the skills you would like to offer.
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