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Elision Network | Halo Beyond Infinity

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created 09/12/2016 8:28 pm by Pixlation


Elision Network is planning to bring a realistic experience of halo gameplay into a Minecraft server. The project will begin as of today and we will soon be looking for recruitment which we will post in another forum section. Right now we are still planning in terms of how we are going to approach such a big project. We will need a number of people who have some professional skills and this project is only for high levelled staff and builders. As I will be doing the development of the server my server in terms of custom plugins and setup. I will thereby be recruiting players that do the rest. However keep in mind that there will be a time frame for when this project will be completed as we would love to show the world what we are capable of before New Years.


The server will start in alpha and we will get some testers on once the development build is stable and some maps have been created. Our idea is to create a halo server were you can purchase new armour, weapons and abilities with a required levels and coins that you earn in game. The armour will mainly be cosmetic features as we would like to introduce fair gameplay among all players. Therefore we can offer special armour for donators. The server will be packed with great features that will make the server stand out above all first person shooting servers. So lets me create a list of what needs to get done.

1. Halo Plugin
2. Elites vs Spartans
3. Texture pack
4. Halo map
5. Server setup

Halo Plugin

The Halo plugin will consist of many realistic features that the real halo experience offers. Example we have created a simple UI interface for our Helmets so that each user can see an appropriate display of their health, damage and more. You will have a custom menu that offers a profile, stats and achievements etc. There is a lot more to the menu don't worry. Also we will offer a monthly rewards system for all players along with daily rewards. These rewards offer coins, tokens and more. You will be able to access a vendor in the starship where you can purchase new guns, abilities and armour.

Elites vs Spartans

Elision network is proud to introduce a new type of game mode that will be very special to all those halo fans out there. We are offering a special game mode called Elites vs Spartans. This is simply team death match and it offers a great warfare experience with the weapons, armour and abilities that you have. The plugin will simply identify wether you are a spartan or elite and your skin will change into either a spartan or elite to make the experience much more realistic.

Texture pack

When we release in alpha the texture pack will be simplistic yet awesome as it will offer halo guns, items and more. However a future plan that we have for the texture pack is to introduce 3D weapons and helmets but this is a plan for the future. We will need to get 3D texture packs artists in order to achieve this goal. However I actually may try it myself!

Halo Map

We will be planning on releasing 3 halo maps and we are not sure what ones they are but we are keeping it to the halo theme. However we may introduce awesome maps that do not exist in the halo franchise but we still need to figure out if this is appropriate .
Server Format

So lastly we are creating a very simplistic yet awesome server format so that you can enjoy a fun time playing our game modes. It is important that we keep the chat, colours and system clean so that it will look very professional.

So I am just keeping it short everyone as the rest is kept secret. We have a lot of development ahead so there is no time to lose. If you have questions or are interested comment below!

Thx Pixl
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