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Eryum Massive RPG [Recruiting Builders]

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created 01/28/2017 5:28 pm by danielmeboy91
This is a second revised version of the original thread because I realized that it was on the wrong topic. I will still include the teaser trailer, but much progress has been made since then, so I added an imgur album. Enjoy


Information about various functions
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Questing isn't going to be extremely complex for the user. The hardest part is the command block side of things. I am the engineer, meaning I am not recruiting anyone to help with redstone. Quests can be initiated any number of ways, from finding a mysterious item to walking up to a villager. The tasks may be anything from buying a fish to clearing a bandit mining operation and returning a stolen treasure. Those are good examples of side quests, but the story will also have a main quest. This is still in speculation, but so far, the plans include something about a special stone being stolen from its original place and slowly corrupting the land. The main quest line will have vastly different and more engaging quests than side quests.

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Fast Travel
As shown in the video, the fast travel system is a physical minimap. There will be around 20 beacons spread through the 4000x4000 map, and when a player discovers the land surrounding the beacon for the first time, an armor stand will spawn on the minimap corresponding to that area. From then on, the player will have that place "unlocked". In order to get to the minimap, the player must trade 20 gold for a beacon key and step into the beacon.

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The loot system is going to be one of the highlights of this map. It can be broken down to help understand.
General mob loot: mobs encountered in areas without respawn, such as dungeons and camps, will have custom loot tables. They will always drop a variable number of gold along with small chances at rarer items such as armor with attributes or tomes. The important part is that they won't have anything in their loot tables that you can't get anywhere else (unless it is for a quest).
Spawner mob loot: Special dungeons appear around the world as well. They have no story and are usually straightforward. However, mobs will constantly respawn. This is handy if you need a little more gold for some item in a shop or they might have a tiny chance at dropping a treasure??
General chest loot: Chests are found all around the world, but not all chests have loot. If a chest has green sparkles above it, you know that it is a loot chest! They will mostly use random loot tables to ensure that when a reset glyph is used (more on that later), you get different stuff!
Secret chest loot: Secret!! Keys will be acquired in various ways, from spawner mob loot to spawning in other chests. Each key will be specific to a certain secret chest, so you can't just open any secret chest. The harder it is to find a key and a loot chest, the more amazing the rewards will be!

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Quest Management
You might wonder how you can keep track of all your active quests, because you might have 10 active at once! To combat this, I will have a system similar to the fast travel, where you can use your utility book (more on that later) to teleport to your quest management platform. On this platform, there will be a spot for an armor stand for every quest, and you can go to the armor stand to get information about it! When you activate a quest, the armor stand will spawn, and it will despawn when you complete the quest. No clutter!

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What kind of monster uses the default Minecraft armor and weapons? That's right, we get custom weapons! There will be at least 10 types of weapons and sets of armor, each having a set of levels. Based on the type and level, it will have different damage or resistance. You can customize your weapons and armor using runes, to add more damage, more resistance, or add unique effects. (Also, your weapons and armor will not break because that durability bar is really ugly! Instead, you will find that you naturally want better weapons as your progress.

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Reset Glyph
I try really hard to give this game as much replay value as possible, so I added a reset glyph. Naturally, the enemies in dungeons and stuff don't respawn, and the loot doesn't magically go back into the chests. To combat this and add more replay value, the player can spend a large amount of money on a reset glyph, and this will refill all non-secret chests and respawn all enemies not related to the main storyline!

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Utility Book
Lastly (for now), the utility book! This is a book that you get and it will be forced into the 9th inventory slot for the entirety of your game. This book will be your go-to for any information you may need such as your level, your progress towards your next level, teleporting to the quest platform, etc. Also, it will have information on any situation you could get stuck in. Don't know what to do for a quest? The book will tell you how to find out. Lost in the middle of nowhere? The book will help you! Want to know how to add runes to your gear? The book has you covered!

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-You must me of age 14 or older.
-You must have pictures of at least 2 different projects in medieval or fantasy theme.

Copy/paste the following into a post to apply. Please fill out every criteria. If you choose to omit a section, fill it in with NA.
Skype Contact: (if you omit this, add me at DanielG Builds in addition to completing the application)
Age: -
Describe in as much detail as possible your experience building: -
Why do you want to be a part of this project? -
Why sets you apart? -
Talk about anything you want here. It should show me who you are: -
Pictures of previous builds: -
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