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Exfall Gaming: Youtube recruitment

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created 10/28/2012 2:16 pm by CuCutter64
Hello, My name is CuCutter64 and I am the founder of Exfall Gaming.

Exfall gaming is a gaming central determined to help get the most out of the unrecognized gamers out there, we mainly focus on Minecraft.

If you are interested in making Youtube videos with the Exfall Gamers, it would highly increase your chance of joining if you already have a Youtube channel with videos.

Leave a comment below with a link to your Youtube channel, and why you would like to join Exfall Gaming.

Possible Questions:

What would we record?
We can record a survival with all of the Exfall gamers, and we can do one-off maps e.t.c. with chosen Gamers.

How many people are in Exfall?
So far there are only three of us, but that means there are many places available for people who want to join.

Is there a certain age to join?
Not really, but we don't want annoying little kids, or old people.

Why should I join?
You should join because together we can make our talent recognized on Youtube and become famous!

If you have any other questions just comment below or send me a message, hope to see you on the team
My channel:
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