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MC UK Family Server are looking for Members and Creative

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created 04/29/2013 6:03 am by MC_UK_Family_Server
last reply 04/29/2013 6:11 am
Hi Guys,

We decided to create a website for the supporters for a UK based Family Minecraft Server.

We aim to make it friendly, Safe and Bully free.

Whether you are 8 or 80!!! Children, Teens and Parents welcome, Come and like us, Tweet us and also join us.

If you would like to apply you must first join this website and Like and Subscribe to our youtube channel. "Thats it all done" you may like our facebook page also but this is not a requirement. For our active subscribers, By active subscriber we mean, do you like, favorite, comment, and/or share any of the videos. We take the time to look at everyone's youtube channel who has subscribed, so if your activity feed does not show any support, you may not be accepted.

Thank you, and good luck!

The Minecraft UK Family Server Team
Link Here....
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04/29/2013 6:11 am
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I don't see the benefits of joining your community at this point. It seems you're just out to make yourself more popular without giving much back to the people who follow you.

This is just some constructive feedback. Don't flame.

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