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Gold Rush roleplaying server. All positions needed.

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created 04/28/2013 8:41 pm by Penguinator040
So now that horses have been added, I had a server idea about the gold rush. You would start out in a town along the east coast (circa 1849) and you pick up word of the gold rush in california. You get what ever supplies you can carry and head on the next train west. Along the way you learn about the server, etc. Once you get there, a guy helps you out, showing you how to mine gold, and explains the various gold mine companies nearby. Gold mine companies will provide you with a pick and a cave to mine, but all your gold is confiscated as you leave, and you get some money from it. If you independantly mine, you keep everything and can sell it at your will. Thoughts?

I have set up a small community of those willing to help over at Please go and help out!
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