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Great Opportunity - Apply to join a dedicated Server Build Team

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created 03/08/2018 7:25 pm by 5gavinator
last reply 03/14/2018 2:18 pm
Hello builders, my name is Gavin, proud to be Head Builder of the Frag Heroes Server. I've been playing Minecraft fora bout 7-8 years now and had the opportunity to attend the first Minecon. So, enough talk about me, let's talk about the server and the team.

The Server
Frag Heroes is a server that is currently not open to the public and is being developed as we speak. We have a great team already working hard hours to build an amazing server experience for anyone who joins.

The Build Team
We have multiple positions open but, will update the post as they are taken. We will have each individual do a trial build for the position they are applying for. There will be an application attached at the bottom to fill out and send to me via discord which will be required for communication but, there is no need to have a mic.

Terraformer (Open)
Description: Tasks include building custom terrains for specific map types.

Skeleton Planner (Open)
Description: This is an important role, this person lays out the foundational skeleton of the entire project.

Outer Builder: (Open)
Description: This builder will focus their attention on the outside structure of buildings successfully using the skeletons previously laid out by Skeleton Planner.

Inner Builder: (Open)
Description: This builder will focus their attention on the inside of structures.

Santa (Open)
Description: This is an interesting role but, one of the most important roles on the team, and we just liked to give it a funny name. Santa's job is to check the project once and check the projcet twice to see if everything looks nice. See what I did there.

IGN: (In Game Name)
How much experience do you have as a builder?

Position Applying for:

Past Builds:

Send to GavWillMcNeill #1694 on Discord when finished
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Level 13 : Journeyman Architect

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03/13/2018 3:15 pm
Level 10 Journeyman Skinner
I would like to apply for a inner builder? Idk if I'm the right style thought
03/14/2018 2:18 pm
Level 13 Journeyman Architect
Go ahead and apply, we will see if it'll work out or not.




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