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Looking for Builders

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created 04/23/2018 8:31 pm by Hidiety
last reply 04/24/2018 7:18 am
Hi there, thanks for reading, I am in search of people who would like to help me with my servers spawn. It is being built in a Medieval theme and will also be the center of a series of quests that we will be adding to the server. We are also not going to be using World Edit. I'm not opposed to using MC Edit if the need presents itself however.

I am trying not to over hype the server. That is why I haven't Included many details about the project. If you have questions feel free to ask and I will answer via PM or Discord if you would prefer that.

If you are interested in joining the team I would like you to leave me the following information.
Past Builds:
How do you rate yourself as a builder:
What level of activity do you think you will have with the project:
Have you ever worked as part of a team for a Minecraft project before?:
Can you tell me a little about yourself?

If you would prefer to respond via Discord my tag is #Hidiety5752. Feel free to message me anytime. Please be sure to include that you are responding to the Builders thread though.
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04/24/2018 7:18 am
Level 17 : Journeyman Nerd
IGN: AkiShirai

AGE: 18

Past Builds: Well... you can check two of them on my profile (but im way better now)

Level of activity: Not a lot in May, but despite that Im 24/7

Part of a team: Once, with some random builders from Poland

About myself: I come from Poland, Im in highschool and thats it ._.
04/23/2018 11:08 pm
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Why not user World Edit? idk if i can build without World Edit anymore. lol

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