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Looking for cast in a Yandere Highschool Roleplay! (Voice Actors/Body Actors)

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created 11/14/2018 1:35 am by HowllR
Hey there!
Im looking for willing people to cast in a new series on my YT Channel, which is a Yandere High School Role Play! each episode will range from around 7-15minis and we will try be as unique as possible when making our story.
I have a private discord for all of the cast, where you can submit your own scripts for the RP, watch the videos of the RP, and also talk with each other and make new friends.
We have a custom map. (no released to public YET) and have plenty of open spots (looking for Teachers, Yandere, Students, Lead Actors BFF (any gender idm), Someone who loves the main character (Has a chance of either living or dying to Yandere) and possibly some gang members to thicken the plot line), so first come first serve!
If you are interested, please contact me VIA discord. Many Thanks, HowllR
Discord: HowllR#9131
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