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Looking for long term Staff (Builder/Dev/Manager/Admins)

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created 04/17/2019 8:08 pm by RiftBearZ
last reply 04/19/2019 6:16 am
I am looking for people from all over the world to come forth together and build a master piece. this server will be realeased on May 15. If everything goes according to plan, we may release before due date for test players.
Application dates:
Builder: Always welcome
Developer : Now to April 24 (Closed)
Manager : Now 17 to April 31 (open)
Admins : Now 17 to May 15 (open)

If you have any concerns please contact me
Discord @ RiftBear#6033
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2 replies

04/19/2019 6:16 am
Level 14 : Journeyman Cake
I don't and possibly never will get discord, but I would like to become a Builder.

I am an experienced player with a strong building skill.

I think my help will become a great asset to your team. Sign me up!
04/17/2019 8:19 pm
Level 25 : Expert Blockhead
You want a masterpiece, but you give people zero information about it. Hardcoding dates could backfire badly on you.

It may be good if you give some information as to what people would actually be investing in, particularly if you want it to be long term.

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