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Looking For People To Help With Roleplay - (Voice Actors, body Actors) - The isle of isra

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created 11/13/2018 5:02 pm by NorthDeamonGaming
last reply 11/13/2018 5:08 pm
Whats up everyone. So, as the title suggests i'm wanting to create a roleplay series on YouTube called The Isle of Isra. A medieval set civilisation with magic and conflict. some may say its a weird idea to be using minecraft to do this however whilst implementing mods and going over with basic animation, it can do well. The basic outline goes:

'Once a beautiful and elegant society where everyone lived in peace. Now divided by the grand division separating the poor and the wealthy. With a unbalance in the land, the black lotus is trying everything they can to make sure that they prevail on top. With conflict in the south the north stirs as it fears the worse. People learning new magic whilst learning how to transform and summon monsters. Will towns and cities fall or rise. The seed of life is planted and now its is time to sow the crop of darkness.'

Its not much of a description as i'm terrible at explaining stuff however, at this current time i have written a script for the first episode. My plan is to shoot the episode which will be around 5-6 mins in length and see if the show is liked and well revived from that before maybe moving on to doing the rest of it. I have a modded server set up with mods that enable alot of cool stuff that's going to look amazing whilst filming.

I already have a idea of the first seasons and where to go after that if people do enjoy this alot.

======What i'm looking for from this post======
All in all i'm looking to gather together a few people to help with the project. I'm looking for:

6 x Voice Actors - (Will be voicing all the main characters. The only thing i say about this is you have to be able to keep and maintain and voice through script.)

10+ Body Actors - (will be the people moving the characters and helping us film the shots as well as people to act as background characters.

======Side Note=====
If all goes to plan i will also be looking to find some more people to help write the scripts and produce the show as well as work on other series and ideas. If you care to join the team, just message me and say you are interested in helping with writing/producing.

If you guys are interested in helping with this project. I have setup a discord for you to join.

Discord -

Once your on just message me (closeplanet2) and say that you are interested in helping with (voice actor/body actor) and we will talk from there.
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11/13/2018 5:08 pm
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I'd be willing to be a voice and body actor!




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