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Looking for Team Expansion

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created 10/07/2018 6:54 am by Red_Phoenix05
last reply 10/19/2018 1:59 pm
I already have a team of about 5 members, and we are about to start our first project! Looking to expand my team with a few more members. Here is what i need: One redstoner (REDSTONE IS DA BEST!) 2 Builders (must make it look awesome or i will kick you out. We seriously need builders. Please note, builders, that we are currently in a FUTURISTIC theme and that means BIG BUILDS, so I don't need people who are good at tiny builds. This also isn't medieval yet. We may get there eventually. I need 1 person good at commands, and I will need a person who can program / make mods. Thats all the people i need right now. Just to let people know what our progress is: We have a free minecraft server hosting on 1G of ram, enough for unmodded gameplay with little lag. We have voxelsniper, worldedit, all essentials, and CraftBook. We currently have a testing world, but I am uploading a massive world for our first build as i am writing this thread. Well, thats all for now. PM me or join the Building Team Discord here.
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10/17/2018 8:58 pm
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I have decent skill in command blocks and redstone, my building is sub par, so as long as I don't have to build it, I am willing to help

Command blocks are very sensitive, so as updates come out, stuff can break. Please realize I will also need a testing world, as command blocks take a LOT of time

(I specialize in custom bosses and certain entities)




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