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Welcome to the Military Builders recruitment thread, we are a group that builds anything and everything, but our skill set 95% of the time is in that of Military creations. Whether it be World War 2, Modern Day, Star Wars related or other such themes we build the absolutely best military related stuff in Minecraft by far. Our ranks are filled with over 100 members 50+ more are active on a weekly basis.

The Military Builders is a group I created about 6 years ago now. When I was 13, now I'm 19. Through the years I have amassed an extremely large build team. Most of the people didn't ask to join, they were hand picked for their pure awesome creations. We occasionally as well unlike other extremely talented build teams. Every now and then we accept builders who are pretty much total noobs, right now we only got about 3. So we teach them, teach them to become the best they can be. Now this sounds all very great right, but where's the proof. If you look below you'll see most of our groups active members with links to their Planet Minecraft accounts. All of us are very dedicated at our little hobby, but unlike other groups we pride ourselves on giving this community a good name. We have strong morals and values, we have rules of course too like any other group. However with our values that we uphold we are always there to help out the little guy, we don't sit on top of our high horse and look down at others. We believe in fairness and helping others. I say this because groups my team has been apart of in the past, of which they all have now left were absolutely terrible. I won't get into exactly what they would do but lets just say they would ban you for the most minor thing and then rip you off.

If any of this interest you, the application process is quite simple. Just submit an application at our website here.http://www.militarybuildersmc.com/joining

Benefits of joining include but are not limited too our discord chat, build rights on our server, access to share your creations through our social media and website and much more. If you have any questions feel free to ask them below.

Sincerely, STEALTHy

Active Members

STEALTHy - Commander in Chief of the Military Builders
Heliks - 2nd in Command
Urbanslick - 5 Star General(3rd in command)
hammerfallrex - 5 Star General(3rd in command)
seanquaid - General
Se1fD3struction - Major General
BT-ship - Brigadier General
_NamSek_ - Brigadier General
squirrel-friend - Brigadier General
aurvandil - Brigadier General
TaskForce51 - Brigadier General
L4UTY_Z3R0 - Brigadier General
Fuel - Brigadier General
Nick13 - Founder
Sukhbaatar - Lieutenant Colonel
AirshipsEverywhere - Lieutenant Colonel
Droolie - Major
JohnnyCoolwater - Major
MadeinVietnam - Major
Panter3030 - Captain
riasuto - Captain
daemonbenj - Captain
Masterjam - Captain
GARRET2BY4 - Captain
Dafuzzes - First Lieutenant
SuperMatie - First Lieutenant
Ragin - Second Lieutenant
McAlpaka - Second Lieutenant
Tommist - Cheif Warrant Officer
OneSidedBattle - Sergeant Major of MB
generalfantom - Command Sergeant Major
Dinkleberg64 - Command Sergeant Major
The_Smartass - First Sergeant
NcQs - First Sergeant
Dylan Panzer - First Sergeant
Nautica Corporation - First Sergeant
Wargroy - First Sergeant
OwenJDCanada - Master Sergeant
Melaaaavin - Sergeant First Class
Mokokobe - Sergeant First Class
ZeCodeRex - Sergeant First Class
GrandPixelMan - Staff Sergeant
Tigerqv - Staff Sergeant
MyMasterDesignYT - Staff Sergeant
Duegann - Staff Sergeant
Gravedigger7777 - Sergeant
Rainbou_Fondler - Sergeant
Sixshot - Sergeant
Myth1cbobcat - Sergeant
Finman/Wave Creations - Sergeant
LoneStarPatriot - Specialist
jwwt4 - Corporal
HeyItsLogixx - Private First Class
Felix_The_Gamer - Private First Class
Alexthefriend - Private
Callsign-YukiMizuki - Private
FireDragon983 - Private
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Level 31 : Artisan Soldier

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08/18/2017 8:47 am
Level 32 Artisan Button Pusher
I'm Staff Sergeant on there, but Specialist on Discord and the Server,,,,
08/18/2017 3:51 am
Level 41 Master Architect
Can confirm, this group is worth joining




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