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Minecraft clan/Guild Recruiting

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created 04/30/2013 9:54 pm by superrick13
I am the Guildmaster of The Order of the Fallen Star. We are a 30+ member Guild that plays minecraft together. As a Guild we spend alot of time joining fun servers and becoming the leading group on the server. Several members own their own servers and have possible positions available for members.

Officer positions are available.
Currently looking for

Site Admin(1) Administrates our website
Site mod(3) Moderator for our site
Captains(5) Leads different Guild Divisions military,economic, etc.
Lieutenants(Different numbers for each Captain) Serves under the Captain

If you are interested in joining leave a reply below.

Leave your full name
Time zone
In game name
Reason for interest in joining
Request for position( we will look into adding you to a list of applicants for the position)
Any relevant info you wish to tell us or want to help your application to join
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