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Modern City Project | BUILDERS NEEDED

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created 11/01/2018 1:22 pm by LexionGVC
last reply 11/15/2018 2:34 am

The Project

Hello everyone and welcome to my brand new upcoming project. This project will be for my upcoming server called dusk haven. We are currently creating a role play network and we need a nice looking modern city for people to role play in. This project will be huge and will look stunning with tall sky scrapers, houses, mansions, shops ect... Everything a role play server needs.

This city will turn out great however I am looking for around 10-15 builders to help. No one will be payed for there work on the city. They will just get credited and have the builder rank on the server. You must be active and the age of 16+ there may be exceptions for those who are younger, good at building and mature. We have got a current discord server for you to join so you can come on and help with the city.

Thank You
- LexionGVC


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11/15/2018 2:34 am
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While I understand that some servers don't have the finances to pay for builds, if this should ever change for you my build team would be happy to talk with you about building your city. My Discord is Mr. Magic Blox#0759

Have a nice day!




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