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NARIAGEN - New Build Team

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created 08/28/2017 5:33 am by Lost_Connections
Welcome to the Nariagen Builders page.
we are here today to invite talented individuals that are able to work in teams and deliver top quality builds. If you think you have what it takes to be a Nariagen Builder, then come and sign up to Nariagen build Team.

Sign up

We as a team look for new ways to improve and reshape new maps and to improve on our older skills. When you join Nariagen you will be learning new skills to improve on and to introduce to your collection.

If any questions are asked and they are not below, then don't be shy to ask:

Do I get paid?

All builders and other staff that join Nariagen are not getting paid for a little while because we have only just started up. But once we start getting out there, we will start paying all staff including builders.

What does Nariagen do?

Nariagen focuses on improving and designing new maps that players can have fun on and as a professional build team, we are constantly looking for new ways to improve our standards.

What does your website look like?

We still need to pay it out but everything is complete and ready to have access to the public very soon. But here is a glimpse:
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