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I need build helpers for an SG map

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created 01/31/2017 6:10 pm by Zoa
I'm making a survival games map and I REALLY NEED HELP...
I've started making this map about 7 months ago by myself and I just can't do it by myself anymore. So now I'm looking for some assistance with placing leaves and maybe some design advice.

You do not need to be an experienced builder.
I just need help placing leaves mostly. (I would use worldedit but it makes the leaves decay)

Map info/post you are welcomed to use the map once it's done
for any use.

I'm using a hamachi server to build. The server is 1.11.2 and whitelisted.

Just tell me your
- Age
- MC Username
- Any building experience (optional)
- How often can you be on?

And I will PM you the login for the hamachi.
And of course all credits for helping will be made on final release.
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