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Need Builders for a recreation of Pearl Harbor, 1941 (1:1)

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created 09/29/2016 9:32 pm by tillwill
last reply 09/30/2016 10:01 pm
For about the past 4 months, me and one other person have been working vigorously on a Project intended on recreating Pearl Harbor as it was on december 7, 1941. (before the attack). We plan on releasing this as soon as december 7, 2016 comes around, which will be the 75th anniversary of the attack.

What we have found is that two people is not nearly enough to complete this project by our intended deadline, 2 and a half months from today. So, I am asking that if you see yourself as being good at recreating buildings accurately from real life photos and google earth measurements, we are interested.

If you are not a good builder and know you will not meet our quality standards, don't waste your time or ours. We want good builders who can recreate structures from the 1930s. We are also NOT interested in ship builders, as I already have that covered. We strictly need help with recreating the remaining buildings.

For some examples of preexisting work on this project, refer to my ships below, which are all currently being used on this project: ... 9-3799430/ ... son-class/ ... s-3748757/ ... s-3733871/

If you are interested, don't write an application, just come and stop by and take a build test, and if it meets our standards, you may join our team!

For the application, please recreate the control tower for ford island as seen here: ... article-ii
Dimensions can be found on google earth or maps, at ... -157.96184
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09/30/2016 10:01 pm
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