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Need a Special Team for this new survival world xbox360

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created 06/29/2016 4:21 pm by TheSpecialSauce
Hi, if you are a diehard minecraft fan and you play on the xbox 360 continue reading if not buh bye

I am creating a new Hard survival seed - long term. I need about 3-5 players that want to start with nothing and help build something beautiful.

I ned people that have no problem helping out as a team. Building, mining farming - together. We dont have to hold hands the whole time but at times, I would love to see multiple people all helping out for the same cause....... TO MAKE A WORLD WE WOULD ALL LOVE.

Please if you would like to be part of the experience contact me on xbox 360 - do not reply to this.

my Gamertag is Alphadogmartini

I don't care about age as long as you aren't loud , obnoxious and disrespectful.
- Re-plant all seeds, saplings and if you need wood, cut down the WHOLE tree.

If you are good at redstone there is a spot for you.... if you are only good at one or two things like building bridges or building farms - You also have a spot on the team.
Don't hesitate hit me up asap!

Requirements - Have a mic ( if you dont have a mic - be a good listener/communicator through signs and messages) Lastly, have fun and bring your passion and love to this world
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