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(New) Chaotic Reborn - Recruiting staff and members.

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created 03/15/2017 5:34 am by alicat
Hello there. Chaotic Reborn is still under development and we need YOUR help to get on our feet.
Currently the Minecraft server needs the spawns for each world to be set up and built so with that being said, we need Builders.
We need a developer or developer's to help create Chaotic Reborn's very first plugin "The Purge Apocalypse" The details will be shared to them.
Here's the part most people are looking for. We need a staff team, one that is mature and can handle stressful and important situations. (You must be active at first on the forums. ) We really need a active staff team to insure that members don't go wild on the server/forums.
Positions open
Jr Mod
Member - Of course.

Either leave a comment below or join us
Discord :
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