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Perspective Map Designers Needed

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created 02/22/2018 2:53 pm by ArtemisSupportTeam

We are looking to potentially recruit qualified map designers and builders who are familiar with large scale projects and the tools necessary to complete large tasks.

If you are interested, requirements include:
  • A portfolio of your progress as a Builder and some of your creations;
  • Minimum age to be 16 (this however can be stretched to 14 based on maturity);
  • To have a good understanding of a variety of Build types: Ranging from terrain - structures;
  • To be able to function in a Team format and be able to follow instructions;
  • A list of any companies or previous servers you have worked for;
  • A basic understanding of at least two of the following tools: GoBrush, GoPaint, Fast Async WorldEdit and Voxel Sniper;
  • A list of any Build Teams you may have previously worked with/for;
  • Any companies and teams you are still working with or in contact with.

Upon joining our Discord server (link below) please message one of the Admins if online (preferably NewScene) about why you have joined and a little information about yourself. For example, your age, where you're from and your name if you comfortable with sharing. If an Admin is not available at your time of joining, please be patient and try to find a more suitable time to get in contact with them. (Please avoid messaging both Vatic and Neropatti as they are new to the position).

Before sending any details about yourself to an Admin please familiarise yourself with your Rules in the Discord server and please follow them. Failure to do so will lead to disciplinary action.

The tools that will be available to you as mentioned previously include:
  • GoBrush;
  • GoPaint;
  • Fast Async WorldEdit;
  • Voxel Sniper;
  • A variety of seasonal "GodTrees";
  • A variety of Tree designs (around 50-100);
  • Finally, a variety of rock designs and rock layouts available to copy and paste into your builds.

More information regarding the server and our intentions to create will be on the Discord server. If you have any further questions please ask Discord Admin: NewScene, who will fill you in with any further information you may require.

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