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PvP AoD Building Team Recruitment!

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created 10/29/2012 7:02 pm by Kuromono13
PvP Map Building Team Needed!
I have been building PvP maps for a server but sometimes I don't get as much as I want done and could use a couple of extra hands. Below is a list of jobs I need filled and the application.
The maps we will be doing ARE NOT going to be sloppy. If you think that you're not a good builder than maybe this isn't the right thing for you. Anyways I hope there are some who are interested in this and wish you all good luck!

Positions needed:

Builder 0/5

Assistant Builder 0/1

Behindthescenesguy 0/1 *will submit map\take screenshots*

Here is the Form (if you fail to meet the application standards than you will be noticed)

Position That you are applying for:

Why you want this position:

Your Age (please be serious)


Your building skills: (what your good at)

Your redstone skills:

Why do you think you deserve the role?

If I chose you, when would you be of help?

Are you open to other ideas?

(optional but will increase your chances) Screenshots of your latest builds, please attach.

3 words that best describe you:

Again, I hope many people will apply and wish those good luck!
If you are chosen I will pm you details.
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