Recruiting Builders and Developers for large project

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Hello. I'm in the process of creating a large minigames server, and I'm looking for a bit of help. Currently, I have a few builders, but I'm interested in having more in order to expedite construction. In addition, I'm also going to be requiring a developer or two for some custom plugins.

-- Builders --

As far as buildings go, I have some very specific tasks. Currently, I've built a rather large city, but I need some help filling it in. It's split into 8 different districts, and each district has a theme. I've straightened out each theme, and I'm looking for people to build based off them. You would not be expected to build with any style besides something under the umbrella term of "medieval". You'd be given free rein to build however you please, though I will be keeping a close eye on what you're building. I have plenty of reference pictures that I'd give you for a general idea of what I'm looking for, but so long as you create something that matches the theme, we're good. Here's a link to the size and area of each district, just so you understand what you'd be working with: http://imgur.com/gallery/R16Z1

In addition to the districts, I’ll also need terraforming around the outside of the walls for farmland and hills and whatnot, along with tying in that with a beach to the water’s edge. I’ll also need an outside area for holiday-themed areas that would change based on the time of year (think like a fenced off area that is sort of like a carnival, and the decorations to different stands and shops and whatnot based on the time of year, like Christmas trees in December or hearts and stuff for Valentine’s Day).

In addition, I'm also going to be needing some floating islands to serve as a hub for each minigame. Nothing too large, probably something with a diameter of 100 to 150 blocks. Again, I'll have plenty of images to really show what I'm after. I'll need roughly eight of these islands, and a large hub for all of the portals.

As far as the main hub, I'd be looking for something that not only has portals / teleports to each of the different islands, but also a place that has little fun stuff, like parkour going around the map, interesting things here and there, things like that.

In addition, this is not a requirement, but if things do go well, I will have openings for many other building projects. We can talk more about them at a later date, if everything works out well between us.

-- Developers --

For developers, I have some pretty standard stuff that I need. Customized plugins for the server, things that involve basic security against players. In addition, custom made minigames plugins for popular minigames (Survival Games, Walls, Mob Arena, etc.) and a new minigame that I would have to explain to you.

Keep in mind, I'm looking for professional minded people who can adhere to a timetable and keep me updated on progress. We will both set a timetable and agree on a fair completion date. I'm not a slave driver, I understand that real life can get in the way of things, but I am looking for people who will take this seriously.

If you're interested, feel free to add me on Skype or Discord to talk to me. Be sure to give me the following information:
Position (Developer or Builder):
Location (for timezone reasons):
Pictures of builds:
Other pertinent information of off-the-bat questions for me:

Skype: chase.canales Discord: Chase#4830
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03/21/2017 12:08 am
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My talents are as a builder as it always has. Since i was 6 ive wanted to be architect. I use minecraft to feel close to my dream. I have been out of the loop of scaling my abilities but i will say i think they are worthy to be considered. Im very dedicated and most if the time strictly professional. I am experienced in World Edit and know how to do basic to intermediate terraforming. I specialize in medieval and detailing. All i do is wish to learn and get better at my art.




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